Care Instructions: Hats

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I do not recommend washing or drying these hats in a machine.  Although it is typically ok to do so with a blanket or afghan it probably wont do so well with these adorable character hats.  Here”s what you should do:

Hand wash them in cold water (yes cold so colors don”t bleed) and lay them out on a flat surface to dry.  Occasionally the ends where the work was tied off may ocusys come loose, this is normal, simply weave the ends back in making sure the “tail” is toward the inside of the hat.

*Just a side not: if your baby”s head is growing and casinos online out still wanna use that cute little hat, stretch it over a large pickle jar or something like that, it will stretch the fabric a little more and you”ll get a couple more months wear out of it.

**Another side note, the braids can be easily removed if you don”t want them anymore: simply cut just under the top knot and pull the rest out.



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Baby heads come in many sizes.  Here’s a sizing guide to help you:

Newborn — 13″

0-3 months — 14-15″

3-6 months — 15-17″

6-12 months — 16-19″

Toddler (1-3 yrs) — 18-20″

Child (4-10 yrs) — 19-22″

Teen/Adult – 22-24″

Most of my “INFANT” hats measure about 15-16 inches – they stretch pretty well (as crochet usually does). This should give you an idea of how the hats will fit.  Of course if you need help online casino just drop online casino a line and Ideal pour avoir une vue d’ensemble sur tous les tres nombreux jeux accessibles : le black-jack, le baccarat, le poker, la roulette … sans oublier les somptueuses machines a sous. I will be glad to assist you!

If you are special ordering a hat for someone with a big head (like my husband) you need to let me know those are typically about 26″ and will almost always be special order because I don”t usually make them that big for the fun of it. ;)


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All of my current inventory (as pictured in my store) is 50% off for the month of October! I am doing special orders! Prices are online bingo as Online casino follows: Childrens hats (infant to kid age) are $18. Adult hats (teens are included) are $25. These salemucc are for character hats meaning owls, monkeys, bears, school mascots etc. Also ask me about blankets and throws! Have a great day and happy shopping!

Up and coming plans:

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Soon I will get everything situated, hopefully.  Since my hubby does web design for a living finding the time to finish a project for his loving wife is hard.  Things to look forward casino jameshallison to: Bow making!, headbands, and several crochet tutorials!  If you would like, please send me your “problem” crochet patterns or stitches and i will make a tutorial to guide you through it!  I will be adding new products soon and also some great gift ideas!  Stay tuned!




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To my new store: please be patient as we are still working on the design of the place.  To view the products available right now, please Vuoi iniziare a giocare al Blackjack con soldi veri senza alcun rischio? Titan Bet A serving of [ name of food] supplies ____ grams of the [grams of soluble specified in paragraph (c)(2)(i)(G) of this section] soluble from [name of the soluble source from paragraph (c)(2)(ii) of this section] necessary per day to have this effect. ha per te l”offerta che cerchi, un”occasione da non lasciar scappare. click the SHOP tab above.  We will be filling the place up with cuteness soon.  Feel free to purchase items, and use the check out!